#507 Floor Scrub (Head Only)

Product #507

The Libman Floor Scrub is the ideal heavy-duty cleaning tool designed to handle the toughest jobs. The stiff fibers and built-in scraper remove heavy debris from cracks and all surface types.

Key Features

  • 10” x 3.5” scrubbing surface
  • 1.5” long, recycled PET fibers, 10” wide scraper
  • Stiff, unflagged PET fibers remove debris from cracks and rough surfaces
  • Fits #603 (48”), #601 (60”, red), #1165 (60”, black) handles
  • Available as a full set with handle as #547

Product Application

  • Excellent for multi-surface applications, from smooth to semi-rough and varied surfaces
  • Great for scrubbing grout lines in tile in restrooms and greasy restaurant floors
  • Can also be used to scrub down tile walls or other hard surface walls
  • MRO, Plant & Warehouse; Foodservice; Janitorial & BSC; Hotel/Housekeeping; Construction, Landscaping & Farm

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