#1574 32-Gallon Trash Can (Green)

Product #1574

The family-made in the USA 32-Gallon Trash Can is built for extreme durability and to hold super heavy materials without the handles warping or bending. Featuring thick plastic in the right areas, this trash can is one of the strongest cans on the market and is constructed for a long life. Capable of fitting all standard wheel dollies and carts that hold 32-gallon cans, this product is great for on-the-go cleaning. Loaded with features to make any job easier, this trash can also displays nicely in any facility with multiple color choices.

Key Features

  • Base handle grips are conveniently located on the side of the base to easily lift and empty without having to touch the bottom of the can
  • Vented channels on the inner sides mean trash bags pull out easily and don’t get suctioned down into the can
  • Bag tie cinches on the handles for knot-free liner changes
  • Fits standard wheel dollies
  • Heavy-duty reinforced handles will not bend and warp under extreme weights
  • Durable HDPE material will not bend/warp and resists cracking in colder temperatures
  • Rounded ergonomic handles don’t cut into hands
  • Thicker plastic on base to withstand rougher surfaces and dragging for an extended life
  • Thick, high-quality plastic in the right areas
  • Rounded snap-on lids are available: #1571 (Black), #1573 (Grey), and #1575 (Green)
  • Full sets with trash cans and lids are available: #1385 (Black), #1464 (Grey), and #1465 (Green)

Product Application

  • Works well at any facility for trash, recycling, storage, and more
  • Great for landscaping, renovation, and construction jobs holding materials, garbage, or debris
  • Available in multiple colors to fit any end-use need or facility color-coding program