#1559 Swivel Grout & Scrub Brush

Product #1559

The Swivel Grout & Scrub Brush is a great tool for tough scrubbing without bending over. The design of the brush makes it easier to get tough grime out of any kitchen, bathroom, or between flooring tiles. The head of the brush has v-shaped fibers. The head can swivel up to 180 degrees in order to reach into grout, corners, and other tight areas. In addition, the head has built-in scrapers to help remove stuck-on debris. The narrow brush is made of extra durable, recycled PET, staple-set fibers to form an ultra-stiff brushing surface. This Swivel Grout & Scrub Brush is a must-have for any kitchen, bathroom, or flooring cleaning application.   

Key Features

  • 10.0" x 1.5" scrubbing surface
  • 180° swivel head for greater scrubbing range
  • Built-in scraper removes stuck-on debris
  • V-shaped fibers to reach into grout, corners, and other tight areas
  • #601 (60”, red), #1165 (60”, black) are the replacement handles
  • Available as Brush Head only (#1616)
  • Ships as a case pack of 6 total brushes

Product Application

  • Great for scrubbing grout lines in tile in restrooms and greasy restaurant floors
  • Can be used to scrub down house exteriors or other hard surface walls

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