18”  2-Sided Microfiber Mop
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18” 2-Sided Microfiber Mop

Product #1172

• 7” x 18.5” microfiber pad. 5” x 18” polypropylene base/frame.

• 3/4” steel handle with handle grip and hanger hole with 52” total height.

• 360° swivel to reach tough spots. Head flips easily to use other side.

• Pad is machine washable and reusable. Refill available as #01173 (4-pack, 2.73 lbs).

• Specially designed comb to remove the dust, dirt, and pet hair that is picked up.

• Microfiber fingers side picks up dust, dirt, and pet hair.

• Smooth microfiber side can be used with any floor cleaner, washes away dirt and grime.

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