Libman Commercial Products - Tested To Meet Your Stringent Demands Posted on 21 Oct 17:41

At Libman, we take Quality to a whole new level. Not only are there quality checks along every step of the manufacturing process, but Libman also has its own in-house quality lab that performs durability and functionality tests such as handle durability tests, fiber stress tests, sweeping path tests, and many more. We also test for resistance to punctures, water absorption & release, floor drying time, and mop pad dirt removal. Take a look at some of the steps that Libman takes to ensure our products not only work today, but last for years to come.

The Importance of a Family-Owned & Operated Business Posted on 15 Jun 15:36

For over 120 years, the Libman family has made quality their utmost priority. William Libman started The Libman Company in 1896 with one mission; to make the finest, most durable wire-wound corn brooms. William’s sons, grandsons, and great-grandchildren have since expanded that mission to include the finest mops, brooms, brushes and cleaning tools.

Being a family business, we really have a lot of passion for the business. When your name is on the product, that is a pretty big deal as you want to make sure that every product you produce is a quality product. Click the play button above to hear more from Libman President Andrew Libman.